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The need for the tertiary education sector to produce suitably qualified manpower in sufficient numbers to meet the human resource needs of the economy has never been more evident than in the last ten years. 
The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) in its regulatory, advisory and recommending roles has to collaborate with other partners to maintain and uphold a quality tertiary education landscape to safeguard the productive economic growth of the country.

The partners of the TEC are:

Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development is tasked with building a coherent and comprehensive system of quality education and training reflecting universal and national values in order to promote the integrated development of the person and empower him/her to participate fully in social and economic development. In the context of tertiary education and training it provides strategic leadership and policy direction to the subsector through the Department of Tertiary Education and Human Resource Development.

MOEHRD Website

Seychelles Qualifications Authority (SQA)

SQA works closely with tertiary institutions on matters of accreditation, programme validation and institutional monitoring and support. It collaborates with the Education Departments, and TEC in monitoring compliance with standards set by SQA, and offers advice on quality assurance issues. SQA supports the Tertiary Education and Human Resource Development Department (TEHRD) in promoting life-long learning. SQA receives help from industry and professional bodies in the validation of qualifications and the development of unit standards.

SQA Website

Agency for National Human Resource Development (ANHRD)

The ANHRD has a legally enforceable mandate to collect all the relevant information from employing organizations, both public and private, for purposes of human resource analysis and planning. It manages the Government of Seychelles Scholarship Scheme which caters for both pre-service and in-service candidates from the private and public sectors.

In fulfilment of its mandate, the ANHRD collaborates closely with Employment Department, the Education Department, the Tertiary Education Commission, Seychelles Qualifications Authority, employers, training institutions and HR practitioners. The ANHRD has representation from TEC and SQA on its Board

ANHRD website

Department of Public Administration (DPA)

TEC and the Department of Administration are natural allies in many ways. As the custodian of the Tertiary Education Act, TEC has the responsibility to ensure, as an example that the structure and functions of the Tertiary education institutions are in line with the law. Changes in organizational structure which have to be approved at the end of the day by the DPA has to be endorsed by TEC first to ensure compliance. DPA has a role to identify training requirements of the public sector and in this context it needs to link up with TEC and the training institutions so that appropriate policy changes are made to ensure the constant supply of qualified manpower. DPA deals to a great extent with public human resource development whilst TEC sets the tertiary education policy agenda that will effect the necessary human resource changes to meet the public sector requirements.

DPA website

Department of Employment (DOE)

TEC has a responsibility as a regulator and policy developer for the tertiary sector to ensure that we have a well-qualified workforce. It therefore needs to be au fait with employment trends so as to be able to advise government of what is required in terms of programmes, skills development and curriculum content. The relation of TEC and Employment is therefore a two way street whereby TEC is required to be in the know about employment trends whilst Employment need to be provided with information about policy changes in the tertiary education sector which will impact on labour supply. Employment also needs to engage with the policy changes so as to ensure that the views of the labour market is taken onboard. It is for this reason that the Employment department is represented on the Commission’s Board.

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TEC is responsible for tertiary education and to co-ordinate the sustainable and harmonized development of tertiary education nationally.

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