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Seychelles Institute of Technology (SIT) 2016 graduation ceremony Marcus Hoareau outshines colleagues to win President’s Cup

Marcus Herve Peter Hoareau is the winner of the President’s Cup for most outstanding student during the 2016 graduation ceremony of the Seychelles Institute of Technology (SIT) held yesterday at the International Conference Centre.

Marcus, who followed the technician diploma course in telecommunications systems, was among the 214 students (187 males and 27 females) who graduated yesterday.

The outstanding performer in certificate programmes is Neddy Pierre who followed a course in plumbing. Rennick Shaun Joseph came out best in Advanced Certificate Programmes where he followed a course in mechanical engineering. Learner with the highest number of distinctions for the City & Guilds Shield 2016 is Kelly Barbe, who followed a diploma in construction. Kelly is already working with a private architect firm in Seychelles.

Other best performers are Jean-Paul Gertrude, who won the Seychelles National Youth Council most improved performer award. On certificate levels  best performer in electrical installation is Curtis Saminadin; in painting and decorating Perry Denousse ; in plumbing Vince Evenor; in refrigeration and air conditioning Mannual Niole. Best performers at Advanced Certificate levels went to Aaron Nathan Lesperance in carpentery and joinery; Bill Radegonde in electrical & electronics; Daniel Louise in masonry; Marcus Accouche in mechanical engineering and Julius Dogley in motor vehicle mechanic.

Present at the ceremony were Vice-President Vincent Meriton who presented Marcus with the President’s Cup; Minister for Education and Human Resource Development, Joel Morgan; deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Nicholas Prea; the director of SIT, Hubert Barbe; other guests; management and staff of SIT; parents and students themselves.

It is the twelfth graduation ceremony held by the institution since its inception.

Radicca Jevinella Gina Fred who followed the diploma course in construction, received a small token of appreciation from Mr Barbe of SIT for her participation in the SIT governing board.

Marcus is already in employment as a radio technician in the telecommunications section of the Seychelles Police Force. He won the most prestigious prize during the graduation ceremony because throughout his years of study Marcus showed a positive attitude towards his studies, colleagues and staff members. His record of attendance, punctuality, and work attachment and other institution-based activities were excellent.

“I expected to win the cup because since day one I worked very hard. It was my aim to win the cup. So it did not come as a surprise though I feel overwhelmed. As a student I did not just go to school, sit in class and return home after class. I have helped and assisted in various projects. I always wore my uniform properly. I always talked to everybody. I always made sure I was punctual for school and made sure I carried the SIT name very high as an educational institution as there is a perception that SIT is not that prestigious a school. But once in it you see it as a school that needs to be promoted to a very high level,” said Marcus.

He said his mum is his backbone and has supported him all the way. His siblings also have been great while his lecturers have always been there to support and guide him.

In his address for the occasion, Mr Barbe said 2016 has been a year where SIT has continued making progress and the 214 graduates have achieved remarkable successful pass rates and that a 100% pass rate has been recorded in the diploma in construction course. SIT, he said, achieved several milestones where the majority of the certificates and advanced certificate programmes have now received full validation status from the Seychelles Qualifications Authority (SQA).

“The SIT academic committee, set up last year, is now recognised as an authority responsible to implement policies to do with teaching and learning including assessment within the professional centre,” said Mr Barbe.

He also elaborated on other successes and achievements of the institution like its partnership with Sustainable for Seychelles, an NGO, and Seychelles Breweries Ltd whereby they successfully launched the ‘Seychelles Water Warriors’ where students following the plumbing course went round private houses repairing water leaks. It also received the Unesco plaque recognising the professional centre as a Unesco univoque VET centre. The signing of two MoUs with local organisations, Air Seychelles, Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) and the Seychelles Energy Commission. The institution’s athletics team which excelled in the last National Schools Athletics championships. Regarding international cooperation SIT has sought and is still seeking collaboration with Sri Lanka and India to upgrade training performances of the school.

But Mr Hubert also acknowledged the challenges the institution faces like human resource capacity to meet the rapid technological advancement.

“To remain at par with advanced technologies in light vehicles, SIT requires both technical expertise and equipment to introduce vehicle hybrid technology in its training. Mechatronics is another new specialisation which the professional centre lacks expertise to venture in,” he said.

To the graduates, Mr Hubert has this advice: “Let all the positive experience gained in your studies and training inspire you to move forward and seek to achieve greater heights in your future endeavours. You must continue to learn and adapt yourself to new technologies being introduced in your particular field of work.”

Radicca Fred delivered the vote of thanks on behalf of her colleagues.

Entertainment for the occasion was a song of Philip Toussaint, Zanfan, performed by a group of SIT students.

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