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PCs gear up for autonomy

In anticipation of the granting of autonomy by the MoEHRD to the various Professional Centres, representatives of these institutions were invited to attend a series of information and training sessions, designed to streamline their entrance into this novel administrative structure. Autonomy requires that managers take on more responsibilities than they currently do, and therefore will require support during the transition phase. Facilitators from the DPA, World Bank as well as other consultants and guest speakers led lively discussions on various interrelated issues, such as the Role of the PC Board, Productivity and Enterprise in the organization, Records Management, etc.

Sessions generally started at 8.30am and 1.30pm respectively, being held at various MoEHRD venues over 5 days. Presenters from the DPA familiarized the addressees with the functioning of its various sections, and provided clarification about the adjustments expected of the PCs under the newly announced arrangement.

Without a good plan, it is possible for an employee of an organisation to be extremely hard-working, and simultaneously be totally unproductive. It must be ensured that the employee’s efforts are aligned with the goals of the establishment.

On the final day, two representatives from the World Bank provided training on Performance Monitoring and Evaluation. They cautioned that if an organization has too many priorities, then nothing is a priority. Participants were eventually given an opportunity to determine one priority of their respective institution, and illustrate how this could be expressed in numerical form allowing for an easy comparison from one year to the next.

The need to retain well-managed, accessible records was also discussed, as these are an invaluable aid in shaping policy. Talking of records, if you just cannot find that old school report from Term 3 of 1980, the National Archives has a copy, apparently!

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