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Julio Payet and Janice Cafrine best performers

Julio Payet of the Seychelles Maritime Academy (SMA) and Janice Cafrine of the Seychelles Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture (SIAH), are the proud winners of the President’s Cup after coming out as outstanding performers in their respective institutes for the year 2016.

They received their trophies during their institution’s graduation ceremony held jointly at the International Conference Centre (ICCS) yesterday afternoon.

Apart from other prizes, Julio also won a scholarship sponsored by ANHRD (Agency for National Human Resource Development).

Special this year was the graduation of two senior staff of SIAH, Juliana Marie in General Agriculture and Jean Abel in Advanced Certificate in General Agriculture.

Julio followed a course in Advance Certificate in Navigation and Seamanship at the SMA while Janice also followed Advanced Certificate in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping. She also won Best Performer in her field of study.

For the SMA, students graduated in eight courses:  Certificate in Fishing Technology (Apprenticeship) in which Rahim Woodcok came out overall best; Certificates in Navigation and Seamanship, Certificates in Marine Mechanic; Certificate in Fisheries Science and Technology; Advanced Certificate in Navigation and Seamanship in which Medlynn Esparon came out best overall; Advanced Certificate in Marine Mechanic in which Mikael Ernesta came out best overall; Advanced Certificate in Fishing Technology in which Hazel Rose came out best and Advanced Fisheries Science in which Dominic Jean came out best overall. Best Effort for SMA students went to Rasheid Larue who followed Advanced Certificate in Marine Mechanic. Edward Constance who followed the course in Advanced Certificate in Fishing Technology and Warren Sinon, who followed a Certificate in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping, won the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) awards.

As for SIAH, students graduated in Certificate in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping in which Victor Curtis came out best overall; Certificate in General Agriculture where Brian Marie came out best overall; and in Advanced Certificate in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping in which Janice Cafrine clinched the best overall award.

The two professional centres shared a joint graduation ceremony in the presence of Vice-President Vincent Meriton, Minister for Education and Human Resource Development Joel Morgan and other members of the cabinet, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Pillay; deputy Speaker Nicholas Prea, director and other senior officials of SMA and SIAH, sponsors and parents.

In his address the director of SMA, Krishnan Perera, said he was proud to head an institution that offers courses recognised by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) as well as other shipping regulatory bodies in the world.

“All our training programmes are conducted in accordance with ISO 9001 and 2008 quality management system and before end 2017, the academy has to switch to the latest 2015 standard,” he said.

 It is an essential task, he said, that needs to be completed prior to the deadline if Seychelles is to remain in the IMO white list. And in line with the institution’s strategic plan, it is introducing new programmes. This year the institution will be putting in place the necessary facilities to conduct the first ever Officer of the Watch programme and also introduce the Diploma in Fisheries Science course.

And to the students he urged them to make their institution proud through their contribution when they join the world of work, maintaining a keen interest in life-long learning so they contribute to the economic development of Seychelles.

“Be hardworking, innovative, committed and display good living values in your work place at all times,” he said.

As for SIAH, Mr Perera said the institution is continuing to strengthen its partnership with local stakeholders so as to bring more synergy in its training system.

He said the institute has joined energies with both the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Seychelles Agricultural Agency to push forward the national agenda to revamp the agricultural sector. To respond to the country’s needs, Mr Perera said a more strategic marketing is needed.

One of the students from SMA had a vote of thanks while the ceremony was animated by performances from the Horizon group from the National School of Dance.

[Source : Seychelles Nation]

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