Legal Basis

The legal basis of the work of TEC

The Tertiary Education Act of 2011 states that TEC shall make recommendations to the relevant authorities on:

  • the development of tertiary education;
  • the charters of tertiary education institutions;
  • the names of tertiary education institutions;
  • the orderly growth and development of tertiary education institutions;
  • regulation of the admission of persons to tertiary education institutions;
  • guidelines and criteria for the allocation of funds to tertiary education institutions;
  • financial provision for tertiary education;
  • guidelines and criteria on fees to be charged to learners;
  • the form and content of learning programmes to be conducted by tertiary education institutions;
  • the implementation of procedures and standards set by the Seychelles Qualifications Authority;
  • policies and guidelines on tertiary education institutions functioning jointly or in association with one another in or outside Seychelles;
  • the performance of tertiary education institutions and their use of funds provided by the Government or otherwise; and
  • policies and guidelines on the involvement of tertiary education institutions in business activities.

Over and above the mandate set out in section 4, articles 1-2 of the Act, TEC has additional responsibilities as follows:

  • Recommends approval to the respective authority for setting up private tertiary education institution (it is only then that it may be registered as a private company. 13. (1) )
  • With SQA, TEC gives approval for the offering of foreign programmes and provides recognition of the accreditation system of countries from which foreign programmes are derived. 16. (1)
  • Approves form of awards for graduates. The institution(s) or the respective Ministry therefore recommends and TEC approves. 17. (1)
  • Advises the Minister on regulations for the admission of foreign learners. 35. (3)
  • Recommends code of ethics for professional and academic staff of professional centres. 33. (4)
  • Carries out periodic assessment of the activities and performance of private tertiary education institutions. 13. (2)
  • Reviews estimates of expenditure of Government tertiary institutions and recommends to the Minister for approval. 42. (1)
  • Draws up criteria to determine cost of a learning programme at a private tertiary education institution 41. (2)
  • Considers appeals made against decisions taken by TEIs which has been brought to its attention by a body representing learners. 37. (2)

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TEC is responsible for tertiary education and to co-ordinate the sustainable and harmonized development of tertiary education nationally.

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