Core Values


We take pride in our work and aim for the highest standards in all services we provide. We endeavour to improve our work by benchmarking our performance against best practice nationally and internationally. We strive to establish and maintain public confidence in our tertiary education and training system.


We commit ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and accountability. We remain attentive to the needs of the individuals we serve, and strive to protect the interests of the learners. We deliver on set targets and continuously search for creative and alternative methods of service, beyond the current paradigm. We empower ourselves and others through ongoing professional development.


We believe in relationships that are mutually negotiated and where both parties are listened to and have a say in decisions. We need the experience and support of our partners in industry to realize student and societal expectations. The core of our work is building and nurturing collaborations/relationships in which partners are supportive of each other and leverage resources for action to bring about improvements in the learning environment and the development of tertiary education and training.


We are dedicated to the creative and intelligent use of resources in the achievement of our targets.


We are proactive in responding to the diverse and dynamic needs of the tertiary education and training community and those of society. We use real life data for informed decision making. 


Fairness, honesty and transparency are at the centre of all our policies and procedures. We use our privileged position as an independent organization under the Tertiary Education Act to fulfill our mandate impartially and courageously for the advancement of tertiary education and training.


We value sensitivity to circumstance and environment. We exercise good judgment in responding to context specific situations.


We encourage policies that promote local, regional and international networking and exchanges to raise the profile of both TEC and the tertiary education and training sector. We harness the potential of new technologies to facilitate the provision of state of the art learning for students and to widen professional development opportunities for staff.

About Us

TEC is responsible for tertiary education and to co-ordinate the sustainable and harmonized development of tertiary education nationally.

 Tertiary Education Commission Seychelles

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