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Our Mission

The mission of the Tertiary Education Commission is to regulate the tertiary education and training sector so as to safeguard and advance the interests of all stakeholders, and provide evidenced-based recommendations that will ensure the growth and development of the sector


Our Vision

A high performing and credible organization delivering on our commitment to make tertiary education and training more efficient, relevant, and valued.

TEC’s Core Business is to ensure that

Learners are protected

Learners are protected

The interest of learners are safeguarded

The interest of learners are safeguarded

Confidence in tertiary education and training are established

Confidence in tertiary education and training are established

tertiary education commission seychelles
Learners enrolled in Tertiary Education (2019)
tertiary education commission seychelles
Learners graduated in 2019

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What we do

TEC’s role is to ensure that educational standards are maintained, national policies are implemented, and a regulatory framework for the tertiary sector is created.

Tertiary Education Institutions

The Tertiary Education Act (2011), makes provision for Tertiary Education Institutions (TEI) to exist in the Seychelles. TEI refers to both university and non-university institutions (Professional Centers, PC), previously known as post-secondary Institutions.

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About Us

TEC is responsible for tertiary education and to co-ordinate the sustainable and harmonized development of tertiary education nationally.

 Tertiary Education Commission Seychelles

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